Human Channel Marketing

Human Channel Marketing was founded on the principles of discovering the most effective ways to train and motivate sales people to achieve the highest level of performance . Beyond saying that “People are our business” we believe that creating successfully people is the success of our business and that of our clients. HCM is committed to creating success through sales excellence in everything we do. We fully believe that people are our highest resource and investing in and creating opportunity for others is where our ” Tire hits the pavement”. Human Channel Marketing, Direct Sales, Marketing, Company Management, Sales HCM is focused on creating partnerships with all of our clients to co-manage the development of a sales objectives to expand the customer base in their markets. In creating effective programs to penetrate each market we are able to fully support our clients in both retaining and expanding their market share. Human Channel Marketing was founded on the belief that given the right support and opportunity people are able to achieve the life they want to live while creating value in the marketplaces. HCM was Founded by Tim Padden and Sam Custodio in 2007 with the mission of creating an organization that can create opportunities for other while delivering sales excellence for our customers. To achieve this we focus on 4 important concepts in everything we do. Intentionality – Keeping a focus on what you want to achieve and knowing what you are committed to achieving. Integrity – Becoming part of a structure where commitments are kept and communication is real and precise. Honesty – Being accountable for your commitments and having integrity in your actions. Results oriented communication- Measuring your live based on real results and setting measurable goals to achieve them. Backed by a team of industry experts, Human Channel Marketing’s unique hands on approach to marketing both penetrates markets and increases customer retention. With a focus on increasing company revenue for our clients we are constantly innovating marketing methods to more effectively convey value to our customers clients. Human Channel Marketing was founded around the idea of creating more effective methods to support our clients in reaching and expanding their customer base. With more than 40 years of hands on direct sales experience, our management team is constantly innovating our marketing proven methods of direct sales.