hp And 3.5hp 4 Stroke Outboard Engine Review

There is a good selection of small outboards on the market. Their application runs from inflatable boat propulsion to aux power on larger sailing dinghies, thru trolling motors for fishing boats. They represent some 35% of total outboard sales in numbers in the UK. So lets see which one is the best shall we?

1.The new Yamaha 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard retails at 650 at time of writing, but discount prices are around 550 so price wise it is at the higher end, but not beyond the pocket of most boaters. As far as spec is concerned the new 2.5hp 4 stroke from yamaha outboards is fairly good, weight is 17kg and displacement is a little low at 72cc.
2.New Suzuki 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard prices are: retail 595, and the discount prices for these are around 540-550, so there are bargains to be gotten. This engine is light, I mean really light, the new 2.5hp 4 stroke Suzuki outboard engine is 13kg!! Thats an industry leader for a 2.5hp outboard. However, it isnt all peaches and cream with this engine, the light weight is at the sacrifice of functionality and quality. The engine sounds tinny when running, it has an AWFUL gearshift which is VERY sloppy and I have had a good number with faults, from gearbox failure to powerhead failure. So only buy this engine if you are desperate for the lightest engine possible.
3.2.5/3.5hp from mariner outboards, mercury outboards and tohatsu outboards. I have lumped all these together because they are all the same engine manufactured by tohatsu. This is the heaviest engine in the range, at 17.5kg, but it has the biggest displacement @ 85cc. I love this engine, its well made, sturdy and VERY powerful. The 2.5hp from mariner outboards prices are: retail 581, and you will find discount prices as low as 525 – we have a few left so give us a call on 0161 790 7678 or email [emailprotected] if you want one of the last discount mariner outboards! If you want a bit more power you can also plumd for the 3.5hp, you dont jump up in weight – still 17.5kg, but you do get a little more bang for your buck!
4.New Parsun 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard. This engine is similar to the yamaha, its weight is 17kg, and the displacement is 72cc. It is the quietest 2.5hp outboard on the market today and is the best value at 450 (there are no discounts around on this one Im afraid!), it is well built and comes with a 3 year no quibble warranty.

So which one would I buy? Well if you want a premium product with a 5 year warranty the 2.5hp mariner outboards offering will take some beating, the tohatsu outboards 2.5hp is the same engine but at the time of writing is a little more expensive. but if you are on a budget then my best buy award will go to the Parsun 2.5hp 4 stroke.