Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction – How To Pick Up Strippers

Here’s a cool tip for you to use the next time you’re hanging out at a strip club, and you want to seduce a hot stripper and see her outside of the club…

I’ve read a lot of books about marketing, and it’s remarkable how many similarities there are between trying to close a sale with a customer — and trying to close the deal with a woman and get what you want from her. (This could mean acquiring her phone number, setting up a date with her, or bringing her home for sex.)

The bottom line is, if you’re going to seduce women you’ve got to be a good salesman. The product you are selling is YOURSELF.

First, you’ve got to believe in the product you are selling. If you think that you are a valuable asset that any girl would be lucky to have, it’s going to be much easier for you to convince women to go for you.

You could say it’s like the difference between going to a Ferrari dealership, and a car lot that sells junky used cars.

The salesman on the Ferarri lot knows he’s got “the goods.” Every guy wants a Ferarri, right? These salesmen tend to be very smooth and polished, and they don’t NEED to go for the “hard sell.” The salesman is more interested in finding out whether YOU are capable of buying one of his pricey vehicles. He doesn’t need to try to coerce you to buy a vehicle. If you’re at the Ferarri dealership, it’s obvious that you’d like to have one! The question in the salesman’s mind is, do YOU have the resources to buy a Ferrari?

Compare this to the “hustler” who works at the junky used car lot. He knows his vehicles are crap. If you buy one, it might even break down before you get it back to your house! The low quality of his products are evident by the way he makes his sales pitch. He is pushy and too eager to make the sale. He knows his products do not speak for themselves; he needs to try to convince you that “this is what you need.”

Obviously, you want to be the Ferrari guy when you’re flirting with women…and especially with hot strippers. The question in your mind should be, is this girl WORTHY of your product? Because, not EVERY girl deserves you…

This mindset is essential for seducing the hottest strippers, because they’re used to dealing with customers who are AWED by their beauty and sexuality — but they don’t have the confidence that is necessary to make a hot woman feel genuine interest and attraction.

So, more than anything else, you’ve got to be FUN and PLAYFUL. Don’t take these strip club interactions too seriously. Act like flirting with a hot stripper is a perfectly normal part of your lifestyle.

When she asks you “do you want a dance,” you pretend like she wants a dance from YOU. You say…

“Do I want to dance? For you? Well I guess I could, but I charge a hundred bucks for three songs, and keep your hands to yourself…”

If a hot stripper says to you, “Can you buy me a drink?”, you can reply…

“Well, I COULD, but then we’re going to need the next ten minutes talking, and I need to make sure you can carry on a cool conversation. So tell me something about yourself that no customer in this place would ever guess about you.”

Here’s a humorous one that I use at strip clubs. When a stripper introduces herself to me by her stage name (i.e. “Hi, I’m Destiny”), I create a stage name for myself:

“Well, since we’re giving stage names, you can call me Hercules. I dance at the club down the road on Tuesday Ladies’ Nights. We can probably share some tips with each other, huh?”

My “Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction” program gives dozens of tactics and techniques for flirting with strippers and building real connections with them. There’s a lot of funny, clever, cocky stuff in this program that is going to take strippers by surprise…and make them very curious to know more about you.

Then, you are going to master the “closing” tactics that enable you to take things out of the club…and eventually, into your bed 😉

If you enjoy visiting strip clubs sometimes (as I do), why be another “chump customer” and blow money on nothing? Why not discover how to take control and make hot strippers play this game by YOUR rules.

The information in “Secrets Of Strip Clubs Seduction” is extremely powerful. Some of these tactics affect strippers on a subconscious level and flip their “attraction switches” without them even knowing it! And even better, once you know how to pick up strippers, closing the deal with “regular” women in other environments begins to feel almost TOO easy! Learn these tactics and start dominating the strip clubs tonight.