The Function Of A Site Manager

No matter where you may be in the world, the building industry has its fluctuations, and that includes the United Kingdom and Europe. Some areas tend to be harder hit than others are, such as the residential markets are, but in spite of those trends, little of the industry declines affect the job of a site manager.

Though there may be some residential areas where a site manager is utilized, such as in new construction of entire areas of homes, the job of a site manager is more visible in the commercial building industry. It is also not a position that is limited to that of new construction, either. So just what is the function of a site manager? Some of the duties that he may be required to perform include the following:

#Ordering new material

#Replacing material that has been exhausted

#Assuring that his site has enough manpower to perform the assigned tasks within contract guidelines

#Preparing reports and status updates for regional and other managers of his company

#Seeing that workers follow all safety procedures and that any accidents are recorded and reported to the proper authorities

#Using his expertise in the building industry as a means of knowing when changes in the original plans or projected completion dates are necessary

#Being on the site to follow the daily operation of the project

Of course, the construction industry is not the only industry that may have a site manager, but they are the most common and usually the one to which advertisements for this position refer. Although the commercial building site manager is more common, that of a residential site manager is just as demanding and in addition may require him to assume the role of a sales agent as well. When new residential construction is in the process, sometimes potential buyers will take the time to look if they like what they see. If there is not sales office they can visit, the site manager may assume the role of a sales manager. This may include a tour of the neighbourhood, review of blueprints and plans, a discussion of the sales price, and answering any questions the potential buyer may have.

For someone who has an interest in a position as a building site manager, be prepared for something very diverse that may something require your expertise and knowledge of the building industry while in other situations, you may need to be a liaison between your company and the potential buyers.